A Live Online Un-Cooking Class About Raw Foods, Green Juice Cleansing, & Chocolate!


Hosted By New York Times Bestselling Author Lissa Rankin, MD, Charlie Trotter Alumni Chef Jonathan McCloud, M.A., & Cleanse Expert Patricia Barrett

August 28th to October 2nd, 2024 • Six Workshops • Wednesdays from 10:00am to 12:00pm PT

Dr. Lissa Rankin

Jonathan McCloud

Patricia Barrett

With Special Guests CURED Author Jeffrey Rediger, MD, MDiv & 
4 x NYT Bestselling Author Sara Szal Gottfried, MD 

Dr. Jeff Rediger

Dr. Sara Szal Gottfried

Dear Friend,

  • Have you considered improving your nutrition to improve physical or mental health symptoms, as preventive medicine, or as a beauty aid? But your head spins just trying to figure out who to trust, what information about nutrition to believe, and what dietary recommendations to follow.;
  • Are you interested in increasing your intake of nutrient-dense foods by making delicious, nutritious raw foods, such as kale chips, raw pizza, or raw chocolate?;
  • Are you curious about trying a high-density nutrition green juice cleanse, but you want a trauma-informed, IFS-sensitive way to approach detox cleansing since cleansing might activate some of your “parts”?
  • Have you gotten caught up in yo-yo dieting, weight loss scams, and other expensive programs that promise you the world but deliver nothing but disappointment, and you’re desperate to find people you trust who can give you some clarity about what is and isn’t good for your health, while also tasting great?;
  • Do you want to learn how to turn your home kitchen into a gourmet raw foods kitchen to improve your and your family’s health with you as the empowered, playful, creative chef?

Then, we have a brand new and very different online program to share with you!



Raw, Racy, Revolutionary


In this online class about preparing and enjoying food as medicine, we’ll teach you how to feed yourself and your family dense nutrition at home to fuel your body with the optimal nutrition necessary to become a “health outlier.”

We’ll teach you to make yummy raw foods and invite you to join us for a green juice cleansing restart in a safe, brave community. We’ll be instructing you on how high-density nutrition may reverse some medical conditions and how to feel better in your body nutritionally (without disordered eating and without bypassing the impact of trauma on how and what we eat.) 

If you’ve been struggling with health conditions that aren’t improving, if you’ve been sluggishly waning in energy and vitality, if you can’t seem to get to a healthy weight, or if your mental health isn’t doing so well, sometimes the solution is regulating the nervous system by healing trauma with cutting edge trauma healing methods like Internal Family Systems (IFS.) Trauma can impact our “parts” and lead to all kinds of protector parts that are related to medical illness, low energy, chronic fatigue, physical pain, and trouble sleeping. Traumatic stress is widely understood to lead to the kind of chronic inflammation that underlies almost all medical conditions. Healing our “parts” can help reduce trauma-related chronic inflammation. Trauma can also impact how we eat. It can cause addictions. And it can inform ways we try to exercise control when we feel out of control, like eating disorders. So, healing the parts related to disordered eating and addictions can guide us in finding other healthier ways to manage our stress.

But it’s not just “parts” that can predispose us to medical or mental health conditions. What you eat can be either medicine or poison. While trauma can cause chronic inflammation and impair healing, what you eat can also inflame you and disable healing as well. It can also help you fight off disease with maximal efficacy. Suppose you’re filling up on nutrition-free foods or poisoning yourself with processed chemicals. If your beautiful cells aren’t getting the nutrients they need to keep inflammation at bay and power your biology to function optimally, you can be doing everything else right. Your body might still not have the building blocks to optimally impact your cells, genes, organs, and whole functioning system. 

You Need Dense Nutrition In Order to Thrive Optimally

But suppose you’re eating to thrive, filling your body with foods with the highest nutrition-to-calorie ratio. In that case, you’re now using food as medicine, as an adjunct to everything else you might be doing to try to thrive- physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Your body is a self-healing detox machine, perfectly crafted to heal and cleanse itself. But part of what your body needs for self-repair is dense nutrition. We often think about those in Western countries as being over-eaters, taking in too much nutrition. 

But what’s often eaten is not nutrition; it’s a nutrient-free filler that leaves the stomach full but the body functionally malnourished and metabolically unable to complete its tasks. Even when copious nutrient-free calories are consumed, what we really need to eat to give our bodies the highest chance for optimal health outcomes is high-density nutrition,

To thrive at peak levels, we need to heal from above (mind and nervous system) and below (gut and nervous system.) We must heal trauma and benefit from healthy relationships and a loving community. We also need to feed ourselves nutrient-dense foods that can help us detox naturally and feed our cells what they need to heal. According to the National Cancer Institute, nutrient-dense foods are " foods that are high in nutrients but relatively low in calories. Nutrient-dense foods contain vitamins, minerals, complex carbohydrates, lean protein, and healthy fats.”

The good news is that nutrient-dense foods can be delicious and affordable, but only if you know how to shop, what equipment you’ll need, and how to properly prepare these foods in your kitchen. That’s where our new online Zoom course, EAT TO THRIVE, comes in. We’ll guide you, step by step, through an uncooking class in high-density nutritious foods, including a three-week detox cleanse to give you a jump start into a new way of eating to thrive.

Dense Nutrition PLUS La Dolce Vita

But we won’t ask you to sacrifice the enjoyment of being in community and enjoying tasty meals and treats. We don’t want you to sacrifice la dolce vita—the sweet life—in communion with others who support us and help us have fun, laugh, play, and thrive because we need to enjoy our lives and not just militantly monitor our diets like drill sergeants on a mission to get us healthy. La dolce vita also helps us heal.

We know from scientific investigation that optimal health is far more than just what you eat. In Roseto, Pennsylvania, in the 1950s, the Italian immigrants who resided there ate meatballs fried in lard, smoked like chimneys, boozed it up every night, and pigged out on pasta and pizza. Yet, shockingly, they had half the rate of heart disease and much lower rates of many other illnesses than the national average. It wasn’t the water they drank, the hospital they went to, their DNA- and they couldn’t afford the fancy olive oil they ate at home in Italy. So, what made the people of Roseto so resistant to heart disease? Researchers concluded that their secret to longevity was that nobody was ever lonely. They had each other.

Optimal health isn’t just about nutrition and food as medicine, as some folks might tell you it is. But we also don’t need to throw what we know about dense nutrition out the window just because some Italian immigrants had unusually good health outcomes with foods that we know can also impair healing. Imagine if the people of Roseto had also consumed green juice, raw foods, salads made from their gardens, and other high-density nutrition while eating communally, laughing, playing and celebrating together, protecting each other from social isolation, mending their relationships, healing their trauma, and learning to love the parts of themselves that might eat poorly? What if we tried that? Then what might be possible?


  • Six Live Workshops on Zoom, Wednesdays starting August 28th, ending October 2nd 2024
  • 10 am-12 pm PT | 12 pm-2 pm CT | 1 pm-3 pm ET
  • Five Live Cleanse Support Calls on Zoom after the workshop
  • Many live recorded video instructions
  • All live calls are recorded and available 48 hrs after the call on our teaching app.
  • Recordings, resources, bonuses indefinitely available on our app.
  • Many bonuses for early bird signup

“What about the person who smokes, drinks, eats pasta and pepperoni pizza, and lives to be 100 because his life is so full of love, vitality, and purpose that he doesn’t want to leave it? I had a sneaking suspicion that there is a lot more to optimal health than we think.” ― Lissa Rankin, Mind Over Medicine


The fact that we have the power to heal our own bodies shouldn’t surprise us. After all, we know the human body is brilliantly designed for self repair. The self-healing mechanisms within the body are on call 24/7 to diagnose what’s wrong, remove damaged proteins, cells, and tissues, and- most of the time- replace them with a healthy, normal version of whatever got off-kilter. This kind of healing happens spontaneously. You don’t usually have to take a drug or undergo surgery to repair injury or illness on this level.

For example, we all make cancer cells every day. Some kink in our DNA caused by UV radiation, a pesticide we ate, or a biological accident leads to a complex series of cellular events that result in the formation of a cancer cell. But as long as the immune system is functioning well, the body knows how to handle such an event. Natural killer cells swoop in, and the cancer cells get vaporized lickety-split.

One problem is that these days, in addition to experiencing psychological traumas that dysregulate our nervous systems, create stress hormones, weaken our immune systems or cause the immune system to attack us with auto-immunity, mess with our hormones, and make it hard for the body to self-repair, we also come in contact with a vast amount of toxic chemicals in our foods and the environment. From chemicals on and in our food to our personal care products and household cleaners, to the air we breathe, to the water we drink, our body takes in toxins. These toxins can cause chronic inflammation, which predisposes you to many kinds of health conditions, including but not limited to the four horsemen of the medical apocalypse- heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes.

In our original, pre-modernized human state, we ate whole, unprocessed foods, digested the foods, absorbed the nutrients, and effectively passed all the waste completely from our bodies.
Even a relatively short time ago—before commercialized farms and the packaged food industry went haywire—for the most part, our bodies could keep up with processing and absorbing what we ate. Bodies are designed to be self-cleaning organisms, and our cellular metabolism is brilliantly designed to rid our bodies of unwanted toxins. But these days? Forget it!

Today, our Western diet (the Standard American Diet = SAD) consists of many processed foods and other contaminants that our beautiful bodies simply can’t keep chugging away on the healthy train. While processed foods are convenient, “processed” means the nutrients are processed out of the food, and preservatives and toxins are processed in. This is done to prolong the shelf life of the food, but it certainly does not prolong yours. The result is no longer food but a product, nearly void of the nutrients needed to thrive.

Today, we simply can’t avoid being toxically overdosed, even if we make healthy food choices, select natural or organic household and personal care products, filter our water, and live in the country. Chemicals are everywhere. The good news is that green cleans! We will help you learn how to make your own cleansing, dense nutrition foods at home for a fraction of what you’d get at the health food stores.

“We must create a biological environment in the body and mind that sets the stage for healing.”
― Jeffrey Rediger, CURED


  • Raw kitchen “un-cooking" classes, helping you learn to prepare original, delicious, nutrient-dense raw foods and vegan recipes Lissa, Jonathan, and Patricia have created just for you!
  • Participating live in a safe, effective 3-week green juice cleanse that Patricia Barrett used to run in Lissa’s integrative medicine practice. This cleanse is not a starvation diet or a fast; it’s a full nutritional, delicious, and satisfying transfusion that can rock your racy, revolutionary world and set you up for a nutritional reset a few times per year if that feels right to you.
  • Teaching you Internal Family Systems (IFS) and helping you work with your trauma and your eating-related “parts” to keep you as safe as possible so any eating disorder parts, body dysmorphia parts, or parts that shame you for your body size and shape are not hiding in the shadows and trying to cover up these trauma symptoms with cleansing, raw foods, or obsessing about food.
  • Applying an IFS-sensitive approach to the elimination phase of the green juice cleanse to acknowledge and appreciate parts of us that consume foods, drinks, and other substances we might be asking you to give up temporarily- which could lead to trailheads of other parts you might keep under wraps by eating and drinking.
  • Understanding which equipment to invest in, how to use it, and where to buy it.
  • Choosing and sourcing nutrient-dense ingredients at the highest quality for the most affordable costs.
  • ​Emotionally supporting you through the pre-cleanse, cleanse, and post-cleanse process so you can work with any parts that come up during the process and make Self-led decisions about how you and your myriad of “parts” wish to eat after the cleanse completes.

In this class, you will learn how to

  • Make the most fantastic green juice you can ever put to your lips!;
  • Handcraft raw chocolates with Lissa’s proprietary recipe she’s sharing just for you (we swear it’s yummier than anything you can buy in the natural foods stores);
  • Dehydrate your own raw, deliciously seasoned kale chips (your kids might even prefer these over potato chips);
  • Harvest and dehydrate or use raw seaweed;
  • ​​Surprise your family with the most surprisingly delicious raw gourmet pizza
  • ​Make use of your juice pulp to make crispy flaxseed crackers and gluten-free, raw pizza crust
  • ​Dip your flax crackers in homemade raw cashew cheese and vegan queso.
  • ​Warm yourself with seaweed veggie cleanse broth.
  • ​Treat yourself to homemade raw energy balls with endless variations
  • ​Learn canning- the right, safe way- to store and save the bounty from your garden or farmstand 
  • ​Ferment your own raw sauerkraut
  • ​Enjoy spinach the yummiest way possible- Japanese sesame “Gomae”
  • ​Stuff squash blossoms with delicious fillings
  • ​Wrap raw cucumber rolls with any number of healthy fillings
  • ​And more…

“Consuming nutrient-dense foods is fundamental for growth, development, and maintaining health. These foods help manage a healthy weight and lower the risk of chronic diseases by supplying essential vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber, and essential fatty acids without excessive calories.” -Jonathan McCloud, THRIVE

Health Equity With Raw Foods, Dense Nutrition & Cleansing

If you’ve been exposed to healthy, delicious raw foods like raw chocolate, kale chips, green juice, raw crackers, green smoothies, raw soups, or raw energy balls, you know how ridiculously expensive it is to buy these things premade at the natural foods stores. One teensy bar of raw chocolate can cost $10 or more, and a 2 oz bag of kale chips was $9 at our local health foods store. If you’ve ever visited a raw foods restaurant, you’ll likely get fleeced for something that barely fills you up!
As raw food chefs, we understand why raw foods are so pricey. Partly, the ingredients can be expensive, and the nutrition can be so dense that everything dehydrates into one small bite. But it’s still a fraction of the cost to make raw foods, delicious vegan recipes, and supplies for green juice cleansing at home. 

Suppose you have the resources to get the right equipment. In that case, even if it takes a while to save up for it or you need to make a few installments, you’ll save enormous amounts of money (and have fun creating your own recipes!) by preparing delicious raw and vegan nutrient-dense recipes at home. What you learn to “un-cook” can help your body heal, assist you in surviving and thriving, give you a sexy, racy beauty boost, and delight your muse with something fun and new to create in the kitchen or raw foods studio.

We care about health equity and believe dense nutrition should be available to anyone interested in feeding your body what it needs to thrive. We know food deserts, financial limitations, and other constraints on eating well. So we’ll do our best to speak to anyone who participates in this program, regardless of where you live, what your produce is like in the local grocery store, and with awareness of the cost of equipment and ingredients. 
We’ll encourage you to grow your own food when you can or participate in coop gardens if you don’t have access to outdoor space. In the worst case, we’ll talk to you about how to eat as well as possible if you only have a standard grocery store. Our green juice cleanse even includes a “grocery store cleanse” for those who cannot access good produce and cannot afford a juicer, a dehydrator, a high-speed blender, or any of the fancy equipment we’ll be teaching you about here. 


 SIX Live Online 2-Hour WORkshops

10:00 am - 12:00 pm PT | 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm CT | 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm ET
These interactive, multi-media mini-workshops will feature some education and lecture, but they’ll also be experiential. Learning how to “Eat To Thrive” requires more than education. We want you to dive right in and have a full on experience of what it means to shift how you approaching eating, thriving, cleansing, and healing the traumas that can interfere with healthy eating. 

Wednesday, August 28th, 2024
Raw, Racy & Revolutionary 
The Benefits of Raw Foods
With Lissa Rankin, MD & Jonathan McCloud.

In our opening session, we’ll be guiding you through how to work with the high quality recordings we’ve created for you to show you how to make green juice, many raw and vegan delights, and how to prepare for the green juice cleanse, should you choose to participate. 

We’ll be introducing you to the benefits of safe, nutrient dense cleansing, the magic of raw and high nutrient density foods as medicine, how to choose foods that can heal some medical conditions, and the culinary strategy of how to increase nutrient density in the meals you prepare, without sacrificing deliciousness. 

We’ll also be covering the rich topic of foods and emotions, how we eat to get other core needs met besides nutrition.

Wednesday, September 4th, 2024
Internal Family Systems, 
Nutrition & Eating Parts
With Lissa Rankin, MD & Jonathan McCloud.

Lots of our “parts” get activated when we talk about what we eat or drink. We tend to have parts that want us to eat well, parts that want to binge on junk food or booze, parts that might try to exert extreme control over what we eat (sometimes to the point of eating disorders), and parts that are out of control when it comes to eating and drinking. 

Approaching nutrition through a trauma-informed lens, and getting to know our “parts” related to eating and drinking, can help us have compassion for ourselves as we move through any program related to cooking, nutrition, or cleansing. 

This session is also about safety, to ensure that if students participate in the nutrient dense cleanse we’ll be guiding you through, it’s not being used as a cover for disordered eating or other unhealthy eating behaviors. Our intention is to help you befriend and extend compassion to all parts within you that are related to eating and drinking, so you can learn how they might be trying to protect you from feelings that might be hard to digest.
We’ll also guide you through how to use the “Whole Health Cairn” from Mind Over Medicine, Lissa’s PBS special, and Lissa’s TEDx talks to build a whole health lifestyle beyond just what you eat.

Wednesday, September 11th, 2024
Dense Nutrition, Disease Remission & Blowing The Whistle About The FDA
With Lissa Rankin, MD, Jonathan McCloud & Special Guest Jeffrey Rediger, MD, MDIv.

This session features special guest Dr. Jeffrey Rediger, author of CURED, talking with us about what he discovered about nutrition while spending 17 years researching “radical remission” survivors, people who were cured from diseases believed to be incurable. He’ll also blow the whistle on how the FDA and even Harvard, where he teaches, have colluded to confuse the public about what really is and is not nutritious. This will be a myth-busting session- about fat-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, and carb-free diets- and what the body really needs to optimize health outcomes and function at its best potential.

Wednesday, September 18th, 2024
Nutrition, Hormones 
& Love
With Lissa Rankin, MD, Jonathan McCloud & Special Guest Sara Szal Gottfried MD.

This session features special guest and six-time author Dr. Sara Gottfried, talking about her many books on nutrition, hormone balancing, auto-immune cures, the impact of trauma on eating, health, and revitalization, and how love might be even more important than what you eat. She’ll share the nutritional secrets of “the autoimmune cure” and “the hormone cure” from her bestselling books, but she’ll also be guiding us through a process related to finding the balance between focusing on nutrition and paying attention to all the other facets of life that really matter when it comes to optimal health.

Wednesday, September 25th, 2024
The Kitchen Repertoire: 
The Art Of Joy 
With Jonathan McCloud & Lissa Rankin, MD.

This session features Master Chef Jonathan McCloud helping you build out your kitchen repertoire, not just with the tools of the trade, but with what a delicious nutrient dense pantry might look and feel like. hat you eat, how you exercise, and which supplements you might consume. It also features Lissa Rankin, as his sidekick, talking about how she feeds her family, how what you’re learning can be incorporated into daily life, and how to avoid “dieting,” from an IFS, trauma-informed perspective. Jonathan will focus on the Intentional Table, creating joy through Intentional Creativity in the kitchen, and why joy might be as important as the actual substances you eat.

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2024
The Fourth Pillar
With Jonathan McCloud & Special Guest
Jeffrey Rediger, MD, MDiv.

You are what you eat, but you’re also far more than that. Psychiatrist Jeffrey Rediger rejoins Jonathan McCloud in this session to talk about the “fourth” pillar from his book CURED, which is “Healing Your Identity.” Our identities can get all tangled up around what we eat, what we don’t eat, whether we’re raw or vegan or steak-and-potato guys, and so forth. 

Our identities can also get all gummed up by trauma. This session will help you rumble with your identity as it relates to nutrition, optimal health outcomes, and just plain having fun in the kitchen. We’ll also help you make a game plan for going forward. 

What now? What’s next? Which aspects of what you’ve learned do you want to incorporate into ongoing life? What do you wish to let go of? What helped? What made things harder? These next steps are all yours- and we hope you send you off with many tools for ongoing health optimization in a Self-led way.


  • The Do’s, Don’ts, Myths & Truths Of Detox Cleansing (With A Trauma-Informed Lens);
  • The Best Raw Chocolate You’ll Ever Make;
  • The Premier Way To Make Nutrient Dense Green Juice;
  • Dehydrate Seasoned Kale Chips In A Dehydrator Or Oven;
  • Raw Flax Seed Crackers With Recycled Juice Pulp;
  • Make Raw Vegan “Cheese” & “Queso”;
  • Dehydrate Raw Pizza Crust To Top With Healthy Delights;
  • ​Raw Energy Ball Extravaganza;
  • ​Eat Your Japanese Spinach (Gomae, Yum);
  • Preparing Raw Asparagus Soup;
  • ​Raw Stuffed Squash Blossoms;
  • ​How To Harvest, Prepare & Dehydrate Edible Seaweed;
  • ​Dehydrate Raw, Gluten-Free Pizza Crust & Deck It Out With Nutrient Dense Toppings;
  • ​How To Can Surplus Bounty From The Garden Or Farm Stand;
  • ​Fermenting Raw Sauerkraut;
  • ​Stuffing Raw Squash Blossoms With Delicious Fillings;
  • ​Wrap Raw Cucumbers Rolls.


  • How To Make Green Juice- 3 Ways;
  • Healthy Nori Wraps;
  • Make Your Own Thai Young Coconut Milk


9:00 am - 10:00 am PT | 11:00 am - 12:00 pm CT | 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm ET
  • Pre-Cleanse - Thursday, September 5th, 2o24: Pre-Cleanse Kick-Off Zoom With Lissa, Jonathan, & Patricia: Learn what to expect from cleansing, as well as how to ensure a successful cleanse, regardless of how you do it.

    Cleanse Starts September 9th and ends September 29
  • Cleanse Day Two - Tuesday, September 10th, 2024: with Patricia Barrett: Learn more about the benefits of cleansing, create a container for your success, learn to avoid common pitfalls, plus Q&A;
  • Cleanse Day Eight - Monday, September 16th, 2024: with Patricia Barrett: Understand your cleansing options, listen to the whispers of your body, Q&A.
  • ​Cleanse Day Fifteen - Monday, September 23rd, 2o24: How to break your cleanse safely and successfully, plus Q&A.
  • Cleanse Day Twenty One - Sunday, September 29th, 2024: Where to go from here.

PLUS + PRIVATE FACEBOOK PAGE, moderated by Patricia Barrett

Having a community of people who are having the same or similar experiences as you is an important part of the Eat To Thrive program. In our private forum, reserved exclusively for cleanse participants, you’ll be able to share your experiences, get the support of your fellow cleanser, bear witness to the experience of others, and blow pixie dust beneath each other’s wings. 


You’ll get to choose between four different 21-day DIY cleanse options. Seasoned cleansers can take it to the MAX, but anyone (even those who doubt their willpower or don’t have a juicer, a high-speed blender, sufficient funds, or access to organic produce) can participate. This powerful PDF guide is a fully contained, easy-to-understand font of education about why cleansing is important and what happens physiologically. It includes step-by-step instructions about exactly how to cleanse throughout the process.
  • 19 incredibly tasty Pre & Post-Cleanse recipes you can easily make at home!
  • 15 more delicious recipes you can use during your cleanse, including several cleanse variations!
  • Our special “Juicer 101” section with everything you need to select the right juicer for your needs.;
  • ​Answers to 25 years' worth of frequently asked questions that will help the novice and experienced cleanser get the most out of their cleans
  • ​How and why to eat a nutrient-dense diet.


Daily messages help you understand what your body is experiencing, address frequently asked questions, anticipate where you might have challenges, and support you emotionally as you cleanse. 

 PLUS + Bonus 1


Brand New book By Jonathan McCloud

This book serves as a very practical addition to the EAT TO THRIVE course, diving into the nitty gritty of what you'll be hearing author Jonathan McCloud speak about throughout the course. With all the confusing hype about what is and is not good nutrition, it's hard to know who to trust, what to believe, and how to eat. Master chef Jonathan McCloud takes on the challenge of demystifying many nutritional myths and nailing down "food as medicine," simplifying what any health-conscious eater needs to know in his new book THRIVE, which delves into the science behind health, illness, and diet, offering practical tips to enhance physical and mental well-being.
The book offers actionable nutritional advice backed by research on the benefits and power of organic, sustainable, and nutrient dense food. Whether you're looking to reduce symptoms of a chronic illness, decrease stress, improve your sleep, bolster your immune system, or just educate yourself about what is and isn't healthy nutritional medicine for your body, THRIVE is your ultimate resource for living a balanced, vibrant, and nutritious life. 

 PLUS + Bonus 2

The Basics of Internal Family Systems video course
With Lissa Rankin, MD


A Live Online Un-Cooking Class About Raw Foods, Green Juice Cleansing, & Chocolate!

Early Bird Special • Save $100 
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$397 only $297*
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Lissa Rankin, MD, is a trauma-informed physician, integrative medicine doctor, and author of 7 books, who researches radical remission, trauma-informed medicine, and spiritual healing. She began sharing green juice cleansing and offering "food as medicine" nutritional support to people with chronic illnesses alongside Patricia Barrett in 2008 via her integrative medicine clinic. 
Dr. Lissa Rankin
This is the third time Lissa has shared this method of cleansing with her online community, but it's the first time she's ever taught a cooking class, after meaning years of being asked by students to do so! Lissa also teaches memoir writing for therapeutic purposes, in addition to being an educator of Internal Family Systems (IFS) as part of medical treatment for chronic illnesses. She is the founder of the Whole Health Medicine Institute training program for health care providers, as well as the founder of the non-profit Heal At Last. She has given 4 TEDx talks and starred in two PBS specials. Lissa is currently co-writing her eighth book, YOU-Turn, with her partner Jeffrey Rediger, MD, MDiv about the link between narcissistic abuse and medical illness, focusing on how healthy boundaries and Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy can help reverse diseases related to nervous system dysregulation caused by relational trauma. She lives in Marin County with her partner Jeff and their golden doodle pooch Moose.

Jonathan McCloud
Jonathan McCloud hails from a small town in West Virginia. Centered in the heart of Appalachia, he holds a deep understanding of nature and traditional medicines and ways.

He has worked for top chefs around the globe serving fine cuisine. Chef McCloud has found a deep relationship with nutrition, as he is a survivor of Kidney Cancer. He cites it as one of the most significant factors in recovery and remission. What once was a passion is now an imperative.

He lives and works in the Sonoma Los Carneros wine country on a small ranch.
Patricia Barrett
Patricia’s first cleanse was at the age of 27 - a 32 day extravaganza guided by the book Juicing for Life. All her diagnoses and pain went away and she never looked back. Having taught cleansing at premier medical clinics and personally cleansed thousands
of people, Patricia uses her naturopathic training and broad experience to guide folks through cleanses in a unique way that marries knowledge with personal experience.
Dr. Jeff Rediger
Jeffrey D. Rediger M.D., M.Div. is a distinguished academic physician with many years of experience in medicine, psychiatry, and spirituality. He serves as a member of the faculty at Harvard Medical School in Boston, and is also the Medical Director of the McLean Southeast Adult Psychiatric Program and Community Affairs at McLean Hospital and the Chief of Behavioral Medicine at Caritas Good Samaritan Medical Center. His work has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey, Anderson Cooper 360, and Dr. Oz shows, as well as on TEDx.
Sara Szal Gottfried MD
Sara Szal Gottfried MD is a physician, researcher, educator, mother, and seeker. She graduated from Harvard Medical School and MIT, and is more likely to prescribe a continuous glucose monitor and microbiome restoration than the latest pharmaceutical. Dr. Gottfried is a global keynote speaker and the author of four New York Times bestselling books about trauma, hormones, and health. Her latest book is THE AUTOIMMUNE CURE.
Her focus is at the interface of mental and physical health, personalized molecular profiling, use of wearables, and how to leverage these tools to improve your health.

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